Completely Wired

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There have been times in the past few decades when it appeared as if every item mankind used was attached to a wire somewhere, but that is no longer the case. Personal electronic devices have gone wireless, and it has given a new lease on life to those building homes, offices and factories. Charging stations have taken the place of wires running through the floors, ceilings and walls, but older buildings often suffer from being completely wired.

Eliminating wiring that is no longer needed can pose issues for those who have decided to remodel any building, but it can also ease the way for new technologies. For anyone trying to update a building, the ability to get rid of all those wires can become a headache or a joy, and it largely depends upon how much needs removal or disguise. Not all wires and cables will have to be taken out, but the ends will need to be placed out of sight for those seeking polished finishes.