Completely Wired


Locating Charging Stations

Businesses and homes today require an awful lot of electricity, and much of it goes to keeping wireless electronic devices working. Those devices often must be plugged into an electric outlet for at least part of the time, so locating charging stations in buildings has become an important issue. They must be conveniently places for use, but they should never be an eyesore. Finding just the right locations often depends upon the use of the building being wired.

Homes these days have a plethora of instruments that are wireless, yet they still require regular charging. Batteries with longer use are becoming common, but recharging them is still a necessary function. While every room in the house usually has at least one electric outlet, a charging station is a place where several wireless instruments can be charged at the same time. A bedroom could be a good place for a charging station, or the family dining room could be another.

Businesses today have found employees are more than willing to plug into their electric outlets to charge their devices. Some companies forbid their employees access except for work devices, but others are more generous with their electricity. Charging stations can be located in break rooms, near water fountains, or they can be located at the reception desk. Choosing an area generally coincides with what will be out of the direct sight of customers but within easy reach for employees.

There are no particular requirements for charging stations today, but most of them have several outlets that can be used at the same time. Keeping them out of sight is generally due to the inelegant look of several devices being plugged in at the same time, so most locations are selected for being out of sight rather than due to electrical loads.