Completely Wired


Electricity and Data

The modern world of electronics has made it convenient for many items to be used almost anywhere, and those who use computers and televisions are no longer restricted to areas where there is wiring. While these devices need electricity, they can receive signals from the very air. Wi-Fi has made it possible to move within a larger area, so the need for electricity and data in only the area of an outlet is not necessary.

The ability to move even a large electronic device almost anywhere within signal range has given people remodeling a new set of options, and they often take advantage of it. Those who have devices that need to be charged will often have a charging station set up out of the way, and they can keep it from becoming an eye sore. Even devices that need electricity to function during use have been stripped down to keep them looking neat.

The placement of many electronic items today depends largely on their needs for connectivity to the electrical system of a building, but they are also restricted by the need to remain in range of the local signal. Some systems are expanded by boosters, but that only works for signal strength. Cords and wires are still needed to power the devices, but batteries have begun to be used in machines that traditionally plugged into a wall source. This gives more freedom to those using them, and they are less likely to be hampered by the need to recharge on a regular basis.

The almost limitless options for electronic devices in homes and businesses today have created a new outlook for designers and owners. They now have the ability to create entertainment and communication systems that do not take up an entire room or area. This freedom lets them design living spaces where comfort and convenience are more important.