Completely Wired


Remodeling the Grid

For those inhabiting an older building, reams of wire in the walls can be an issue during a remodel. They might find several generations of wires for various items, and they can include outdated telephone systems or cables for entertainment devices. For those bringing a building up-to-date, remodeling the grid of wires present is a necessity. Most of them will be pulled out, but some can remain if it is easier to simply cut off the ends, secure them with electrical tape and hide them back in the walls.

Telephone wires from bygone days are often discovered when walls are opened up, and removing them is generally about looks instead of safety. The wires carried only a small amount of power when in use, and many of them have been severed from the system over the years. Taking out the jacks that were used to hook up earlier devices has usually been done already, so it is less important to pull all the wiring. For those who want to know exactly what is in their walls, it will take time and money to clear all the lines.

Wi-Fi has become the way many televisions, computers and entertainment systems now communicate, but most homes and some businesses were wired for cable in the past. They often come up through the flooring, and they are unsightly. Removing them might not be too difficult, and only those still connected to the grid will carry any current. While there is little reason to pull them out for a safer environment, aesthetically they should be removed to keep from becoming a blot on the beauty of a remodeled building.

Removing old electrical wires has become mandatory in many areas during remodels, and it is a safety factor for future inhabitants. It can be an expensive proposition, but those who rewire their building will often find savings down the road when their insurances rewards them for upgrading.